Speaking Engagements

Available to groups and organizations we do offer “Speaking Engagements” where we go to your group at your facility and present specific topics of interest. If you would like to schedule one of these engagements please contact us on our contact form here in this web site.

The Topics Presented

Benedictine Way of Life

How To Live The Monastic Life In Your Personal Day-To-Day Journey

How To Truly Meditate

Finding Communication With God Without Words

The Monastic Life In History

In the early ages of Benedictine Monasteries and Abbeys, whole communities of the laity became an integral part of the daily life of the Monks’ way of life. Many foundations had farming, pottery, wine making, and fruit trees that all sustained the lives of the families that lived around the Benedictine Abbey. To this day these communities in Europe still exist. How can each of you become a part of the “Benedictine Option”.

Fatima & La Salette: The Ultimate Mystery

Both of these very profound apparitions of Our Blessed Mother has changed the course of History not only in the Church but the entire world. Along with this presentation a video outlining the historic data gives answers to the past, present and future.