Welcome to this new website for the community of Sant Benedict, which provides a fresh presentation of our monastic life. Successive popes have repeatedly appealed to consecrated religious not to eschew modern means of communication for bringing people to know Christ. This website is our response to their appeal.
Monastic life is always of contemporary relevance – both for the Church and the world – as a source of grace for everyone. Through our life of prayer, work and seclusion, we strive to become holy ourselves and guide people’s hearts to God.

THE COMMUNITY OF SAINT BENEDICT is steeped in 1,500 years of the founding of the Benedictine Rule by the father of Western Monasticism, Saint Benedict.

Above all we are a living community of Benedictine monks searching for God in our daily Eucharistic journey. Since our monastery is a place of silence and recollection, we invite you to share in our spirituality, liturgical prayer and community life. Our heritage is above all centered in the central presence of Christ in our life.

Our Monastic Life

“Prefer nothing to the love of Christ.” — From the Rule of Saint Benedict


“One thing I ask of the Lord; this I seek: To dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life. That I may gaze on the loveliness of the Lord and contemplate His temple.” — Psalm 27

THIS LIFE OF SPECIAL CONSECRATION WAS ESTABLISHED to keep the Gospel always before the People of God, as a reminder which manifests, certifies and proclaims to the whole Church the radical nature of the Gospel and the coming of the Kingdom. Jesus says, “Come follow me”. by saying yes to Jesus’ call to your dedication to prayer, asceticism and growth in the spiritual life, to apostolic action and mission, you are progressing towards the heavenly Jerusalem, you are a foretaste of the eschatological Church, solid in her possession and loving contemplation of God who is love. This is a monk’s life besides their deep communion with the life of the Church and their prayer for all. This has an important place in our life and Benedictine tradition has always considered this to be a part of the monastery’s role in the Church.

How much we need this witness today!