July Dedicated to the Precious Blood of Jesus

The Steps Taken to Enter into Community


Must be a practicing Roman Catholic. Men are accepted between the ages of 18 and 50. A minimum of High School and or higher education suitable for further graduate courses designed for those who will be entering priesthood.


A visit to community to participate in the daily prayer, work and monastic life of the monks. This is a period of three months or longer depending on the individual and further contact with the Vocation Director.


The Observer decides to move into a more dedicated life as a member of the Community. The Postulant through a reception ceremony, receives a partial habit of the order of Saint Benedict.


After spending a year and 1 day as A Postulant, the brother then is ready to take the next step into the Novitiate. Upon being received into the Novitiate the brother takes temporary vows for three years. The full religious habit of the community is given. After three years final also known as life vows are made within the Community.


After three years the now trained monk has deepened his spiritual life and has become a member of our monastic family. He has settled into the daily rhythm of the Liturgical Office and the work assignments. By the example of his fellow monks and his Spiritual Director the monk now seasoned and well prepared to taking Perpetual Vows. These vows once taken can only be broken by a written request to the Benedictine General of the Office of Religious Congregations.