July Dedicated to the Precious Blood of Jesus


“For the Knowledge of God is Received in Divine Silence” — St. John of the Cross

A monk is always studying and the works and writings of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church have a never ending breath of the Church’s Tradition along with the writings and lives of the Saints . Lecitio Divina throughout each day is also a moment of intimacy with God and time spent listening to God’s word which comes to us through the Bible, Holy Scripture. Also in the Church’s Traditions the word of God reaches us in the history of of her foundation by Christ Himself.

God speaks to us and wants to enter into dialogue with us is a source of wonder. We try not to miss any of these life-giving words by opening wide the ears of our mind and heart. In chapter 48 of his Rule, St Benedict lays down that his disciples should devote themselves to Lectio Divina at specified periods every day. Here at our Community of Saint Benedict these times of study are at early morning and evening after…NEED REST OF TEXT